Tilbury Carnival (Windrush)

Project Brief – Project Manager

Position: Project Manager
Fee: £6,000
Reporting to: Tilbury on the Thames Trust Director

Project Summary

Inspired by the Empire Windrush’s landing at Tilbury Cruise Terminal, our project will engage Tilbury school children and residents in a programme of educational workshops that culminate in a celebratory Windrush carnival. This includes developing a mass movement response by local dancers; making 30 silk flags reflecting the Windrush Generation drawing on the contemporary stories of Tilbury’s immigrant communities; and puppet building and training to animate ‘the Children of Windrush’ – 2 child puppets to join Tilbury’s iconic 16ft docker puppet. Through carnival, these elements – dance, flags and puppets – will all educate, commemorate and celebrate the Windrush story.

Scope of the work

The key deliverables required are:

  1. Provide coordination of the agreed activity plan (see appendices), focussing on ensuring community engagement and smooth logistic operation across all project strands (see Appendices)
  2. Manage the logistical arrangements for the dance element, including setting up dance workshops, liaising with Jeanefer Jean-Charles and ensuring that attendance and participation targets are met
  3. Manage the logistical arrangements for the flag element, ensuring that attendance and participation targets are met in liaison with Kinetika and One Community
  4. Manage the logistical arrangements for the puppet element with Gateway Academy, Tony Mason and Smoking Apples, ensuring that attendance and participation targets are met
  5. Oversee the logistical arrangements for the Norwich Exchange, including transport of artists and participants, in liaison with One Community Development Trust
  6. Oversee the marketing campaign being delivered by a social media freelancer and a PR consultant, ensuring that the right information and content gets to them at the right time
  7. Collate an event management plan to ensure the Carnival event is delivered smoothly, including booking the sound arrangements, liaising with artistic team to ensure logistical arrangements and associated event arrangements.
  8. Prepare Risk Assessments for each project activity
  9. Work with Thurrock Council and Port of Tilbury Police to arrange road closures for the Carnival event
  10. Attend 6 steering group meetings (1 per month: March – July; September)
  11. Manage the budget under the direction of Tilbury on the Thames Trust.
  12. Support the collation of data across all project activities to inform the project evaluation
  13. Act as an advocate for the Tilbury Carnival project throughout the project


A summary of key activities, dates and targets is included along with a visual summary of the project plan as an appendix to this brief.


The maximum fee available for this work is £6,000 (incl. VAT)

Submission details

Written confirmation of acceptance of this brief and fee to be made to:

Scott Sullivan
Tilbury on the Thames Trust
Leslie Ford House
Port of Tilbury
RM18 7EH


Appendix 1: Summary of key activities, dates and targets

1 session = third of a day (i.e. morning, afternoon, evening)

Community sessions Dates Volunteers Sessions Participants Location
Launch Event April (date to be confirmed) 1 1 50 Cruise Terminal
Dance Creative Development sessions (2 days) April (date to be confirmed) 1 4 35 Cruise Terminal
Dance development (1 day for 8 weeks) April (date to be confirmed) 2 16 35 Cruise Terminal
Mass Rehearsal – Dance 30/06/2019 2 2 35 Cruise Terminal
Tilbury and Norwich Carnival – Dance 06/07/2019; 20/07/2019 2 4 35 Tilbury and Norwich
Stories mapping workshop 30/03/2019 1 3 60 Tilbury Hub?
Flag design workshops 09/04, 10/04 and 12/04/19 2 6 60 Tilbury Hub?
Flag design scale up workshops 13/04/2019 – 16/04/2019 2 8 60 Kinetika Studios
Flag painting workshops 23/04/2019 – 02/05/2019 2 20 60 Kinetika Studios
Tilbury and Norwich Carnival – Flags 06/07/2019; 20/07/2019 1 4 60 Tilbury and Norwich
Puppetry animation intro with Year 7s May (date to be confirmed) 0 1 100 Gateway Academy
Puppetry sessions May (date to be confirmed) 0 3 64 Gateway Academy
Puppet head make May (date to be confirmed) 0 6 8 Kinetika Studios
Puppet Costume make May (date to be confirmed) 0 10 8  
Mass Rehearsal – Puppet 30/06/2019 0 1 64 Gateway Academy
Tilbury and Norwich Carnival – Puppets 06/07/2019; 20/07/2019 0 4 20 Tilbury and Norwich
TOTAL   15 92 754  

Appendix 2: Project Plan Summary

Appendix 3: Summary of the Artistic Process

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